Manali – The Queen of beauty

Manali is nestled comfortably in the arms of the Pirpanjal Ranges of The Himalayas. The Snow-capped mountains (which ‘ll become snowy mountains during winter), the Beas River and the greenery will mesmerize you in seconds. Journey to Manali is so hectic, as you will have to ride on the Ghat road for more than 6 hrs (depending upon the vehicle you choose).  But the presence of Kullu-Manali Airport is a big relief to those who hate ghat journeys.

The best season to visit Manali is March-August. From September onwards, snow ‘ll spread her white cloak over the entire region and it will hinder your progress to Manali. Here, I have listed some of the wonderful places in Manali.

The Snow Point and the Rohtang Pass:

It’s a 15-20 km journey from the town. The snow point is at an altitude of about 10,000 ft from the sea-level. The altitude, clearly, conveys how cold it will be at this spot. And yes, your hands will freeze and heart will cease for a moment, when you venture into this region. But in few minutes, everything will become quite normal, as your body gets accustomed to the temperature around you. As I hinted earlier, you can visit this spot only during summer. The Rohtang Pass, which connects Kullu valley (Hindu Region) with Lahaul and Spiti valley(Buddhist region) is visible from this point.

English: A panoramic view of distant Himalayan...

Vashisht Temple and Hot Spring:

This is an ancient temple, situated at a distance of 3-4 km from Manali town.As the name says, this is the temple for the great saint Vashisht. It has also got a hot spring near it. Feeling so cold, then just relax here…

Vashisht Temple, Manali.

Vashisht Temple, Manali.

Hadimba Temple:

This is an ancient, Tibetian style temple, situated at the heart of the town. The main God here is Goddess Hadima (Durga devi). If you are lucky enough, then you can get the chance of watching the local tribal dance.

Hadimba Temple, Manali.

Hadimba Temple, Manali.

Apart from these, you can enjoy your vacation at The Beas River, Local Park, Local carnival.



Wanna make your vacation adventurous? Of course you can. You have lots of adventures here like rafting, trekking, river crossing, paragliding and much more.



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